Welcome to Bet Knesset "Shevet Achim"

Kiryat Hasharon, Netanya
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Parshat Vayera

Mincha and kabbalat shabbat: 16:28
Shiur: 8:10
Shacharit: 8:30
Children’s service: 10:00
Women’s learning and child/parent learning after kiddish
Limmud: 15:10
Mincha: 16:10
Maariv: 17:19

Weekly Kiddush

Every Shabbat after tefillah, there is a kiddush which is sponsored by one of the families in the community.

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Shpiegelman 23, Gan HaBosem,
Kiryat Hasharon, Netanya

Come and Learn

On Shabbat afternoon an hour before mincha, we meet and learn either in chavruta, chabura or individually.

שִׁ֥יר הַֽמַּעֲל֗וֹת לְדָ֫וִ֥ד
הִנֵּ֣ה מַה־טּ֭וֹב וּמַה־נָּעִ֑ים
שֶׁ֖בֶת אַחִ֣ים גַּם־יָֽחַד

(תהילים קלג:א)



We are a community in Kiryat Hasharon, Netanya. We believe strongly in creating a warm community based around chessed, with a real focus on limmud and kiyum Torah. Our aim is to create a shul environment where everyone, resident or guest, can feel welcome. The shul is kid friendly and hopes to inspire people to pray devoutly, serve Hashem, and help integrate Olim into a wider Israeli community.






Social Events

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our upcoming events

The Netanya Big Challah Bake - 14th November - 20:00

The Shabbat Project – שבת עולמית‎ ‎Calling on all jewish women / ladies / moms / daughters / granddaughters… no matter of age or observing/non observants/ let’s all connect and join women all over the world for a beautiful and unforgettable evening making delicious and meaningful challah with an inspirational talk by Rabbanit Racheli Bazak, grand-daughter of the Rav Mordechai Eliyahou “zs” and Charlotte Chana Coren, music by Shifra Levy, dancing, magnets and refreshments.

Interest Is BIG, better to save your spot right now and sign up [email protected]

SHABBAT PICNIC LUNCH - 16th November - 11:00

Join us for our annual Shabbat Project picnic lunch at the Yahalom Sportek in Kiryat Hasharon Netanya.

All are welcome. Bring blankets, a picnic, family and friends!